Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sunsets and geese

I am glad you are here, March.
  I love the changing of seasons.
Each season brings different colors to the sky
and our habits change with the temperature and the
day length.  The birds are moving north and it is still cold...but the days are a bit longer.
I am so thankful for my life...and yesterday afternoon was one of those moments.
It started out to be just the usual sunset stroll with the two labradors.
They were both begging to go out.  They can hear the birds calling and sense that the wildlife is moving around..
I took a ton of photos.
These were the best.

I love to see birds flying with sunset sky behind them and it is incredibly hard for me
to be at the right place at the right time.  I just keep trying. 

Look! at the colors.  Love it.

I am always inspired by the mating and pairing of geese.
They flock together but so often you see a pair flying or walking or feeding.

There were awesome colors on the ice this evening.

Another pair.  So cool.
Today the dogs were the reason
I enjoyed a spectacular view.  It would have been better
photo opportunities without them, but there would have been no
photo opportunity had there not been two labs giving me that long
"! stare.

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