Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sunny days are the best

Remember, I said the other day, that I can't get good sunrise pictures.
I still can't.  When I went out this morning with the dogs,
the landscape was cold and the sun was coming up to warm
some pretty special landscape.  One comes to love what you have and
where you live..because what else is there to do with it?
 The leaves are off the trees and the view across our valley is spectacular in the morning.
I have no idea whose barn this is but I like seeing it over there.
 Directly across the valley is a modern dairy farm complex.  We can see
movement over there nearly 24 hours a day.  My husband calls it a village.

I saved the best for last.  The little white church steeple,  It has been an inspiration.
The sun picks it up the very first thing.  I used to see it out the kitchen window until our
windbreak pines grew too tall. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sunset, Sunrise, and Sleying a Dragon

Sunset come and sunsets mostly go.
As sunsets go..this one was a pretty good one.
Unfortunately the only thing that came in
before dark was an opossum..and even it came too
late to get it's picture taken.

Koko and Scarlet made me get up for the sunrise this morning.
It was awesome, but I live in a place where sunsets are better.

With the loooong winter we've had, one would think I would
be done with the winter goals..but I have to hurry if I am going
to finish sleying that dragon.
Yes...sleying is the verb used to describe threading single threads of a warp
through the reed on a loom. Yes...I did that and more.
This is my practice piece..meant to learn a little more about weaving.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Seeking Swans and Sunsets

After finally finishing the 2nd mitten of the latest pair,
I was happy to grab the camera and leave the dogs behind,
to see if I could edge a little closer to the waterhole.

The sun was moderately co-operating.  The waterhole could be
bigger but who am I to complain.
First off, all the birds flew off before I even got close.  Sigh.
I persevered.  Maneuvering, as close  as I dared, I edged up to a human sized tree stump.
It served double duty as a camera anchor and camouflage.
Slowly the birds came back.
Always wary, a few stand on the edge ready to fly off at the slightest provocation.
I won't admit to how may pictures I take relative to the ones I post.
I even took a few videos.  I am trying to learn, just for me, and for you too, I guess.
As the fingers got colder, I straightened up to leave, then took this
photo to illustrate how well the swans are camouflaged on the ice.
Finally the last step..
posting the best photos.  I don't usually change them much. I like them best "as shot".
But...sometimes they look good a different way.
Maybe there will be a good sunset somewhere tonight.