Thursday, March 6, 2014

Seeking Swans and Sunsets

After finally finishing the 2nd mitten of the latest pair,
I was happy to grab the camera and leave the dogs behind,
to see if I could edge a little closer to the waterhole.

The sun was moderately co-operating.  The waterhole could be
bigger but who am I to complain.
First off, all the birds flew off before I even got close.  Sigh.
I persevered.  Maneuvering, as close  as I dared, I edged up to a human sized tree stump.
It served double duty as a camera anchor and camouflage.
Slowly the birds came back.
Always wary, a few stand on the edge ready to fly off at the slightest provocation.
I won't admit to how may pictures I take relative to the ones I post.
I even took a few videos.  I am trying to learn, just for me, and for you too, I guess.
As the fingers got colder, I straightened up to leave, then took this
photo to illustrate how well the swans are camouflaged on the ice.
Finally the last step..
posting the best photos.  I don't usually change them much. I like them best "as shot".
But...sometimes they look good a different way.
Maybe there will be a good sunset somewhere tonight.

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