Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kohlrabi for Kohlrabi Soup

Ok. I admit it. I grow Kohlrabi. I eat it rarely. I've tried it raw. It's good. Strawberries are better. It grows well in spring and looks amazing. I can usually sell it at the market in small quantities.

Imagine THE EVENT.
Last Sat afternoon, we were doing the usual..pulling weeds. I had taken my few veggies into the Roots market on Thursday.
Roots is a cool farmers market.
I don't have to be there.
They sell our produce for us and we can go home and grow more produce
Then....THE EVENT...DH yelled out the deck door that I had a message on the phone.
To understand it I would have to come listen.
However he gave me a preview.

"Some lady bought all your KOHLRABI and wants more. Right now."
DH regards vegetables other than potatoes with some suspicion.

I listened to the message. It was from a very nice lady. She had a friend whose specialty was Kohlrabi soup. He grows Kohlrabi for soup making.
This year a groundhog snacked on his Kohlrabi.
No Kohlrabi for Kohlrabi soup.

Alice was delighted to find Kohlrabi at the market and needed more Kohlrabi so her friend could make soup.
This morning I delivered Kohlrabi and upon request was given the following recipe for Kohlrabi soup:

Boil chopped potatoes, carrots. The same amount of each and boil separately so neither gets mushy. Brown good sized onion in butter, add flour to make roux. Boil chopped Kohlrabi roots with small amount of water and combine all ingredients. This recipe was learned from his Romanian parents.
A quick internet search for Romanian Kohlrabi soup yielded several yummy sounding recipes...but this was the closest to the above described recipe.

Kohlrabi Soup


2 stalks celery
1 large carrot
1 TBLSP Parsley
3 1/2 cups chicken broth
1 lb Kohlrabi (2 -3 large roots)
1 TBLSP Flour
1 1/2 TBLSP lemon juice

Basically... cook vegetables in chicken broth till tender, brown onion in butter, adding flour to make roux, add roux to pot to thicken soup a bit...adding lemon juice at the very end.

Kohlrabi soup anyone?

By the way...the name Kohlrabi come from the german word Kohl for cabbage, combine with rapa for turnip. This gives you a pretty good description of what a Kohlrabi is...sort of an improvement on both cabbage and turnip.

Again...I like Kohlrabi raw....but I am going to try the soup.


  1. I've eaten Kohlrabi, mostly because it came in our CSA box, I just haven't found a way that I love Kohlrabi...yet. However, I do love homemade soups...so this one will definitely be worth a try!

  2. "Going Jane" suggested I come check out your blog and I'm so glad I did. I garden and grew som kohlrabi and grilled it last night for dinner. I might have to try this soup because I need something else to do with it. I have a recipe for a kohlrabi casserole which I'm going to try next. Happy to be your newest follower!