Monday, June 14, 2010

Searching for the perfect look

I have been searching and searching....

A apologize to my faithful followers. Over the past few months I have changed themes, and colors for my blog far too many times. I even started a new blog on wordpress. I am learning my way around over there too. Again...changing...ever changing.

Like the perfect strawberry... I am looking for the perfect one.

Alas...I guess I will know it when I find it. I envy those who can design there own...effortlesslly. However thanks to those of you who do design our themes. It makes it easier for us to blather on every day and still have time for the garden, the farm, the kids, and the shops. Thank you blogger...Thank you wordpress. Thank you blotanical.

Be patient with us...we do read your advice...just not so good at following it.

Monetizing will help? Not yet. Maybe later when I actually have something worthwhile to say. Maybe later when I find my unique voice. So far... I haven't found anything to say that isn't said by another soul, maybe even a couple hundred. So...I don't like monetizing so much right now.

Now I am looking...looking....searching...searching for my voice and my look.

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