Sunday, June 20, 2010

One Weekend in June with Family Coming and Going

This wonderful weekend is almost over.

For those of you who don't know I am the mother of three, a mostly empty nester. The oldest son is "The Mechanic" and now lives in the grand old yellow house down the road. The grand old yellow house is the original farmhouse where DH's grandfather was born. Yeah!

The middle one is the computer guy. He just graduated from Univ. of Cinci with a degree in Computer Science, complete with a job. Yeah for him. He's becoming a city guy. He came home Thursday night and stayed through Saturday...then headed back to Cincy. Sigh!

The youngest..Baby Girl is working on a degree at Ohio Northern. She's home for the summer and is working at OARDC. She had her friends here this weekend for a camping canoeing weekend
at Mohican Adventures. She spent her first working summers being a Go Cart attendant there.

You know...I have been lamenting on having to use a nearly antique digital camera for my blogging pics...and wouldn't you know, my first few pics drained it dry. The batteries are charging up... because I wanted to post about all the cooking I did this weekend.

I haven't really baked anything for a while.

I had to celebrate.
Kid's were home.
It is Father's day!
I had to share the season's bounty.

I still have strawberries. Strawberry Pie.

Blueberries and raspberries are in.

Blueberry pie, blueberry bars, and blueberry muffins.

Monster cookies...Baby girl's contribution.

All the peas are coming non-stop. Snow peas, snap peas and English Peas.

The weekend's harvest goes in our freezer. The rest of the week it goes to market.

The garden is a jungle...what with all the house cleaning and baking and haymaking.

We have managed to get all the hay baled before rain so far. Imagine that.

Thanks to the hard work of the master and the mechanic.

The mechanic is having us for a cookout and then I think we are FISHING.

The garden and the farm will be here Monday.

Pictures to follow...when the batteries are charged.

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  1. Millie, you are such a teaser! Reading the names of your kitchen creations made me hungry!
    About your kids - I am sure you are very proud of them! I would love to have my own mechanic and my own computer guy. Also, I think it is so important to keep the grandfather's house, for the family.