Monday, June 28, 2010

All Work and No play makes Millie ?

It wasn't all work this weekend.
I was pulling weeds and admiring my beautiful Blue Coco bean vines...
When I saw it!
A dragonfly clinging so perfectly to the vine!
I had to get the camera and try for a picture.
I knew..I knew... I was once again..unprepared and Too Late.
No dragonfly.
They often have a flying routine and return.
I was hoping.
But no...not this dragonfly.

I settled for a picture of this Koko.
She's waiting patiently.
If she waits patiently her master will come play.
We do play.
Sometimes we just throw the ball.
Sometimes we go down to the ponds.
Lately she has gotten to go..just be with us...
When we unload hay...
Pick berries...both red and blue.
She's learning that all work doesn't have to be No play.
With us, she's learning that our particular work is our play.
We admire the growing plants.
We see the wild things and it touches our hearts.
We love making spaces for beautiful things to grow.
And while we grow our things we do stop and we do play.
Sometimes just for a few moments.
Very special moments that makes our hearts sing.

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  1. Koko is beautiful. I just wanted to let you know I posted my recipe for kohlrabi casserole so you'll have to stop by and check it out. it was very tasty.