Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Old Ladies and Garden Clubs

My friend has been inviting me to join her little garden club for over ten years now.  
I was interested,  and it sounded like fun..but there always seemed to be conflicts with my schedule or my kids schedule.  My kids used to laugh when I would discuss joining the garden club.  "You--in a garden club?"  Last summer, my daughter actually suggested it.  I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when out of the blue, she said "Mom..you should join one of those garden clubs that Terry goes to."

Terry actually belongs to to two garden clubs.  The one, she says, she likes because they just have fun and are not finicky.  The other one, she likes because the members are more serious, and she learns from both.  She like to try her hand at flower arranging.  Me...I like to look at her arrangements.  

She knows me well.  She suggested the "fun one".  The fun one is called Ripley Gardeners.  Even though they meet once a month--there was always a serious conflict.  There was last night too.  My choice..an AAPC meeting about ICD-10... For those of you who don't know what that is, it is a professional society for medical coders.  I'm trying to become one of those, but..with each passing month it seems less likely.  I will soon have to decide whether it is worth being a member.  Choice two..the garden club.  Hmm..which sounds more fun to you?  Hmm..which sounds like it might lead to employment?  OOOPS.   

When my husband and young adult son..who is still resides at our house...because the room is free?... arrived home from work , I had decided on the garden club, but was trying to rationalize it out loud.  
Young son..said "Garden club?  Now that is something I have no desire whatsoever to participate in! That's like you and Aunt Hazel talking about couch covers and carpet last Christmas when everybody else was ready to go home."  Now...I don't even remember that conversation!!" 

 I was trying to motivate this same son, earlier this month, by asking him what essential thing he would do to the yard and garden first.  "Put the piggyback sprayer on my 4-wheeler, fill it up with Round-UP and drive around"   Now really.  Who listens to that kid?  Sometimes, I do.  His suggestions sometimes have merit...even that one.

The garden club.....I went.  I had fun.  I bought $9.50 worth of plants in their white elephant auction.  Three Forsythia, a yucca, two native honeysuckle vines, and three pots of started Kentucky pole bean plants.  Now that is a bargain anyway.  And...next month they are planning a trip to Wade and Gatton.  They are  awesome Ohio Hosta growers.  There are visions of beautiful Hostas in my brain.  That will keep me going today.

Who said garden clubs were for old ladies?  If that is true, then garden clubs are for the best old ladies...don't you think?

Now...the cows are probably out, and the goats need fed, chicken eggs need collected.. and the clock just goes faster and faster.  I'm not just saying that..it is my reality and the little clock down in the corner says it is after eight.  I've come to understand that blogging time is different that normal time.

.  I hope that  cow is still in.  She got out yesterday and I had to spend an hour messing around with that!!  And...I don't even know if I have to go to work this afternoon!!


  1. I am in a garden club, and I am 30!!! Our members age from 30 -80. We are a very diverse group. My husband used to give me flack about it, but he knows I love it. I have learned so much from those ladies and I absolutely adore them. I look forward to our meetings.

  2. LOL. I know garden clubs are not for old ladies! Kinda thought the title might spark some interest. FYI--the Ripley Gardeners...they are all over 50!! and all are very frumpish. (I think I'm safe, I think I'm safe, I don't think any of them blog..but oops...I guess their kids might.) But..they were all very nice, and truly interesting people.

  3. And I also wanted to post a humorous old lady gardener in a hat, but I didn't have any..and didn't went to spend time googling for one..so the cows went up instead. (I just got to thinking that some people might think garden club members were all old cows.) That would not be good.

  4. I wish there is such club around here to join.. or maybe I have to initiate one.. I like your story about children, and I suppose every mother and father had gone through similar experience....

  5. Garden Clubs scare me. Every time I show up at the local one I get mobbed by old ladies.

    Still, I can't refuse when they ask me to speak. Last time I had a good laugh - most went out and started gathering rocks after I told them a garden is never complete without stone in it.

  6. WiseAcre...You actually made me laugh out loud after a long day moving rocks around and tidying up the front perennial bed. If a garden is not complete without a rock in then mine is definitely overdone.
    I can just imagine the rock picking episode.

    Bangchik..You'll just have to start a garden club.

  7. Good for you! Garden clubs rock!!!!!!!! Well, except when they die, like ours...

  8. Funny post! Garden clubs intimidate me a bit. I'm so new at gardening and I'm not fussy with the way I garden. But, I should look into one since I could learn so much and they probably are not really that way anyway. -Jackie

  9. Garden clubs are funny that way. Sometimes the members are competitive and there is a pecking order or something. Weird phenomenon. The little one I went to seems to be just very rural ladies who like to garden and share their plants. That is kinda neat.
    Look around..maybe you can find one like that.