Monday, May 18, 2009

Grand ma said..

Grandma used to say it wasn't safe to put anything tender out until after Memorial Day.  I guess that is good advice for our part of Ohio.  We had a hard frost last night, and one is predicted tonight.  I didn't have anything to worry about...I thought.  But check out the before and after.  OMG.  I'm sure it hasn't helped them to be all they can be.  I had added extra straw last week, but  the poor babies stuck  their heads out again.  Since they had been growing through all this weather I thought they would be fine.  Wrong. 
Upper left-potatoes yesterday
Lower left- frost layer
Upper right: potatoes this morning
Lower right: potatoes this afternoon


  1. Grandma was right - at least for my place. We might sneak things in early some years and get away with it but we always take a chance.

  2. Grandma certaintly knows best. I never put anything heat-loving out before Memorial weekend. So glad I didn't because we had a frost last night too and a hard frost is expected tonight. -Jackie

  3. I hate it when that happens! That happens here a lot too! Hope they all spring back into shape right away!

  4. Yeah. One wants to just kick oneself for not covering them up or something. Potatoes are strange--producing better in cool weather but with plants that are frost sensitive. After further research I found out it is a common problem for potato growers. Vegetable research is looking in to more cold hardy varieties, but cold hardiness is linked to bitterness. I didn't take time to read about it but potassium in the soil is connected to cold sensitivity--and I put a lot of wood ashes on the garden this year.