Friday, May 22, 2009

Blogging Blotanical

Notice that little green box on the left?  "Blotanical" with "Find Garden Posts"?  It doesn't take up much space but it is really worth the space it takes up.  Why?  Not just increased traffic, but skip to the best part...where I talk about motivation and journal keeping.

Most of you visiting this post, know what Blotanical is, because you are members of Blotanical and found this post through that site.  My blogging history is pretty much divided into          "Before Blotanical" and " After Blotanical".  Before blotanical, I had my doubts whether any souls knew my blog existed.  After blotanical--no doubt at least 15 people a day stop by.  For amateur bloggers--that's probably pretty good traffic.  If I had been looking to advertise...before blotanical..would have been nada audience.  

However, there is another positive about belonging to blotanical, besides increasing visibility.  I have been a gardener my entire life, albeit not a very good one.  There is no doubt that Blotanical membership has made me a better gardener.  It helps motivate me to get out there and improve my landscape, and grow a better garden.  

Blotanical and blogging  has helped me to keep a journal for the first time in my life.  I've always kind of wanted to write, and knew that journaling sharpens your writing wanted to keep a journal.  I can't count how many journals I've started....

I have been pretty good about a gardening journal over the years:  writing down what I plant, when, and where..but blotanical has also provided a reason for doing a little better with that.  I can't tell you how nice it is to actually know the name, age, and origination of plants you love.  Kudos to anything that helps you hone the recording skill.

How does it make you a better gardener?  I've planted vegetable gardens nearly every year of my adult life.  This is the first year I've tried succession planting.  I had read about succession planting, and knew it was reccommended..but did I actually do it?  No...

This year I tried succession planting by the book. Now I am reaping the rewards.  Thank you Blotanical. First with radishes..not a big thing...but it is very very cool.  One little row is done, and I can replant to something else.  But another little row is ready..and they are at peak harvest.  The same is happening with lettuce, and is going to happen with Kohlrabi and peas.  

Join blotanical if you want to be a better blogger and a better gardener.  Just click the green box and follow instructions.

Are there negatives?  Lots.  Blotanical tempts you to blog.  Blotanical tempts you to see what other gardeners are doing..even in Malaysia.  Now what does that have to do with anything practical?  That's just fun.  Blotanical causes a garden or blog syndrome.  Do I browse through blogs or do I get out there and garden? 

 I guess I had better get to the garden before the sun.  I need to thin and transplant that next to last Bibb lettuce plot!!  I think I might have lettuce for next week's Farmers Market from the planting before that one.  Hopefully..I can have lettuce for a few weeks in a row.  Very cool.


  1. I really enjoy reading some blogs because gardening is kind of a solitary thing. We are people who get excited about the smallest things.But not everyone in your life cares about plants. So for me it is fun to read about the small things. It does inspire you to be a better gardener and you might try things you would never have known about. I am happy to have found blotanical.

  2. Nice post about blotanical! This reminds that I need to do one too. Your blog is definitely worth visiting and I'm glad I found you on blotanical to share gardening notes with! -Jackie

  3. Nice post... But I started blogging about gardening when I was down recuperating after an operation.. Two weeks were too long to just sit around and count dots on the walls and ceilings... Thus blogging and get involved with blotanical. I learn a lot about gardening through Blotanical.

    ~ bangchik

  4. MLC~
    I am just like you, Ill start a blog and save it as a draft for an idea for a post later after Ive gone out and taken the pics! I notice myself thinking about Blog topics all the time when Im out in the garden. I worry that my blog is boring and Im trying to become a better blog writer in the process!