Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things

I am posting a favorite photo of my children.  They are all young adults now, but they are still a few of my favorite things.  I am a mother, and when presented with a choice--I will always choose them.  In the past I have chosen to set aside some of my many interests so that our family could be involved with their activities and I have never been sorry.  They are my favorites.

I love my daughter's happy engaged smile and now that she is older, I seek to make it happen, and am so satisfied when I see it.  I love to see it when she is in the company of others..because I know then that she is happy with her choice of company.  I am forever in awe of her artistic talent.

I love my middle son..because he can always make me smile.  He is the real deal, always genuine, always kind, and with a unique talent for seeing life from a little different perspective.  He makes me laugh, and for that I will always be grateful.

I love my oldest son for the intensity with which he lives life.  He is a survivor, a go for the gusto, and forever surprising me in some strange way.  He carves out his life as he goes,  and has little patience with other's mistakes, or his own.  I am proud of the things he has acheived with little help from others...and he is not one that returns little favors in a significant way.

That my friends is my post for today.  The qualities that I admire in my children also quide my choices in other ways...the blogs I choose to  follow, the plants I choose to cultivate, books I like to read, and friendships I maintain.  I like the ones that are  artistic, that are humorous, and those that indicate their creators are the genuine real deal.