Friday, May 1, 2009

Gardening gone to the dogs

Koko's asking "let's go for a walk?" . She's saying "Gardenings all well and good, but it's been raining, the soil is muddy and it is more fun in the woods". And please, please don't go back in the house. and sit in front of that machine. Just bring the camera and we can go to the woods, and see neat things that other people will never get to see.

The wind is warm and balmy. The water is running in the streams. There are birds to hear, birds to see, and birds to chase. You can look at wildflowers, maybe find some morels, and walk across ravines with me.

We're going to the woods. Gardening will wait for another day. Have a beautiful weekend.
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  1. Koko, it sounds so good... Will you take me for a walk, too? I spend too much time sitting in front of that machine!

  2. Me too, me too.
    I'm not sure who enjoys going to the woods more me or Pookey. She gets excited every time I pick up my camera.

  3. Koko seems to appreciate the wildflowers very much. Happy blogging!