Thursday, April 30, 2009

OARDC Crabapple time

This is our cherry tree, but the apple trees are telling me  that it is time to visit the crabapples at work(OARDC).  I was there yesterday and they are not a peak yet, but they are coming along.  If you live in Ohio, or even if you don't you won't be sorry if you stop in at Secrest Arboretum to see the spectacular crabapple show.  We have one of the largest crabapple plantings in the US.  They are not only in experimental plots but are planted along many of the drives.  The campus is a wonderful place to walk, run, or bicycle or just drive through, if time is a issue.    For more on Secrest Arboretum and also their Plant Discovery day this weekend visit 
For more on OARDC in general visit  
I guarantee that you will enjoy your visit whether it is in person to the actual campus, or whether you just able to check out their website.


  1. I am a crabapple fan! Not only do they make brilliant pollinators for all my other apple trees, I love making crabapple jelly in the Fall. My tree is in perfect pink blossom at the moment.

  2. I have learned to love many plants by being exposed to them at Secrest Arboretum--and the crabapple is no exception.

    They have small fruited and larger fruited varieties. There are many trees of different color blossoms, and different growing habits. Absolutely awesome. Thanks for commenting. Did you post a picture of your tree yet?

  3. Lovely flowers!