Monday, May 4, 2009

Early May Garden Plant Inventory

It's a good time to take stock--what's growing and what is not.
In the foreground you can see the Big D, with plastic on the unplanted part. The plastic is part of my reuse recycle  plan.  We sometimes cover our round bales with plastic bale covers.  They add significantly to the expense of hay baling and I thought I would make them do double duty.  It has seemed to work--but it was annoying and time consuming to put them out and keep them from blowing away.  There are now rows of green things in the brown area.

So--here's  my boring plant inventory:
I. Fruit
  Old strawberry patch-with tons of new plants and of course some of the original 4 year old plants. The old patch is weedy/grassy and I will have to resort to a chemical fix.
60 new strawberry plants
5  20 year old blueberry plants, plus 6 new ones that I am propagating from the old
1 Yellow Delicious apple tree
1 Winesap apple tree
1 Montmorency Sour Cherry tree
6 Logan Black Raspberry canes--only two I'm sure is alive
3 neglected grape vines
Italian Parsley ?(new seeding, not sure they are growing)
3.First planting vegetables
9 Iceberg Lettuce plants
6 Red Sails Lettuce plants of original 9(we've eaten two, one died)
9 Broccoli plants
8 cabbage plants(Flat Dutch)
120 (apx) hills potatoes-21 Red Pontiacs, 10 Kennebec, 8 Norgold visibly growing, 
20 white onions
Asparagus--old and new patches
4.  Second Planting Vegetables
40 Oregon Sugar Pod Peas-hope to trellis them today
45 Green Arrow Bush Peas
116 Early Vienna Kohlrabi-got carried away planting them!
23 white onions
78 Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce plants(gave some away)
68 Cherry Belle Radishes
? carrot seedlings--should get them thinned today
? Detroit Dark Red Beets --also need thinned
5.  Third Planting-most of these are up--but some still germinating
a double row green arrow peas
bed planting of Early Sugar Snap
Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach
Wando peas
Swiss Chard
Bibb Lettuce
Sigh.. I think that is mostly it.  There are some volunteer sunflowers growing,  and I have all the warm season stuff like beans, cukes, squash, maybe okra.  Sweet corn will also go  in the field later.

We'll see how it goes.  I am not realy a gardener--I am a planter.  It is more fun to paint the easel than it is to frame and hang it.  Weeding, spraying, thinning, watering and timely harvesting is a struggle for me.  
Happy gardening and blogging to all.


  1. Well that is far from boring!Very impressive

  2. Your boring plant inventory?? Huh?? That is like my ULTIMATE DREAM GARDEN!!!

  3. That is an impressive list! I like your parting comment - not really a gardener, but a planter. That is a good description for lots of us, I'm sure. Very nice blog!

  4. WOW! Your organised! Think you need to be more than a planter to manage that lot!! Lucky thing! Went a bit cross eyed with jealousy reading your list! Excellent idea for recycling the silage covers!

    Linzi x x