Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's an Allium Giganteum?

Koko is pointing out that this might be a picture opportunity next week.  I can't wait for the Allium giganteum to open.  They are so spectacular.
I purchased these a few years ago when my daughter and her friends were selling bulbs as a soccer fundraiser.
Now I would like to find a spot for some called Globemaster, that I think have even bigger blossoms.  They are a wonderful addition to my corner plot-they just get enough sun--a sunnier location would probably be better.  They need sun to make strong stems to hold up those big seed clusters.


  1. Blesss! Koko is so cute!

    Linzi x x

  2. Koko is adorable! I had a chocolate lab until 2 years ago. He went to rainbow bridge after a long illness but we had 12 wonderful years with him. --Jackie