Sunday, January 19, 2014

Slow food, slow walks, and slow accessorizing

Slow describes the pace of my life these days.  During the spring, summer and fall, I grow slow food.
During winter, fall, and spring.. I slowly make things.  Late fall and early winter, I was busy with my nest egg gourds.  They make beautiful Christmas ornaments. 

I made stripey ones, that I thought turned out quite well..and they even looked good on the tree.

On snowy days I am compelled to hole up under a blanket with yarn and knitting needles.

 I like these mitts...making several pair for the more technology oriented ladies in my family.

The pattern can be found on

Who can survive snowy days in the outdoors without mittens.?  I have rediscovered my spinning wheel in recent months.  After spinning up some natural gray soft Shetland fiber into a 2 ply yarn, I went looking for a pattern I could use it in.  I dug out one of my old favorite books  and found this pattern.  Although they turned out to be a bit big..I am still quite pleased. 
They are soft and warm and pretty.  They will do quite well.

I have found another pattern that will transform my pretty homespun yarn into something warm and fuzzy.  It is in the same book and has a Norwegian twist to it. 
Now I want to make some more mitts...and I want to make another pair of mittens...and I want to make a pair of slippers...
My goodness!
It is also  time to start growing slow food again. 
I ordered some seeds, but I have a lot left from last year.   Soon I will have little green onions and I want to try sprouting some seeds.

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