Saturday, June 8, 2013

Am I crazy or what?


It has been an interesting week.  I joined my little garden club for
an outing to Schnormeier Gardens in Gambier.  I hope I have the spelling right..
because it is a beautiful place and kudos to the owners for sharing
their passion with the public...for free!  I did buy a hat..I
can always use a hat. I think hats are good advertising.
I was so inspired that I came home and took a picture of my own little...
well maybe willow.  The willow there was so pretty..
but mine is pretty too.  It just doesn't have the great statue in front of it.
I don't think that a picture of me lying in front of my willow would be so interesting.
Here is my willow.
It is very pretty this year...and it usually is.
The time for marketing my produce is upon us.  I decided I should make
a farm page.  I am not sure why.  We don't even have a farm sign.  It could be that sometimes we
don't want anyone to know that the weedy, messy, lazy, looking place
is where we come from. 
This blog is a little bit about doing better. 
As all the people on Pinterest have discovered, pictures can be deceiving.
You can take a picture and focus on a pretty flower...
never mind that the rest of your landscape can be a mess.
That is the case with this.  The gaillardia is very nice.  The rest of the plants
in the planter have a little bit of growing to do.  The landscape around the planter needs
spruced up. The flowers are pretty though.
My final thought to share is that I don't have a clue what I am doing.  I made a farm page on
Facebook and posted some pictures.  I posted some pictures to my personal Facebook page.
  Then I discovered that I was posting to my Farm page from my Facebook page. 
The big news this morning was that the big bad government was storing all our keystrokes. 
I can tell you with certainty that anyone storing all my keystrokes are wasting their time and money!! 
My last picture is of my beautiful Ultra Blue petunias.  I grew them from seed.
We all so spoiled with the availability of fresh vegetables and beautiful plant kind in every store we
go to.  One of the things I enjoy so much is the first flower on one of my plants.  I have waited for it
to grow.  That is the what I am sharing with these pictures today.
I know there are tons of gigantic beautiful petunia baskets all around the country
with these same old flowers in.
These are mine.  I love them.  I grew them. They make me happy.

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