Thursday, May 23, 2013

Picture Farming

I try to keep up, really I do.
Yesterday I finally planted the strawberry plants that I purchased about a month ago. 
They will be ok.
I also planted some cucumbers and squash and got my gladiolus bulbs from their basement storage home and made a row in the thing I am now calling my tender bulb garden.  I added two new dahlias.  This will be the first year I have tried these.
All morning, I mowed...and there is still a lot of lawnkeeping to do.
But after spraying the apple trees and taking a few greens to market, I thought I would get the camera
and take a few pictures of poppies and iris blooms...the rain and wind really didn't hurt them too bad yesterday.
Sigh.  I forgot about the poppy picture plan was a bust.
Never fear...I can always find things to point the camera at.
I took a few minutes to go picture farming.

We still have a snow removal scar...sigh.   I finally did get it leveled off a bit...but it is not replanted yet. You can see the two new poppies blowing in the wind.

The apple trees are loaded with little green apples.  I am telling the critters to stay away.  I hope it works.

Green Blueberries.
Sounds a bit like yellow fuchsia.


 Bok choi green.  The first crop is always the best.





 Red and green greens.
Little ones first,   followed by the  bigger plants.  They are ready for market now.

 Such pretty little baby romaine.  We are trying white mulch under a shade shelter.
The shade shelter is not up yet and the white is absolutely blinding.

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