Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Let's Go

Koko has her ball, and she's waiting on me to get it together and get going already.

The dogs are finally learning that they get play rewards if they settle under the pine trees or at the edge of the garden and wait for me.

Yesterday their reward was a Kobota ride to the compost pile.

I did get all the first planting Green Arrow pea vines pulled. They were productive little things. I sold 6 three lbs bags(pods ready for shelling) at market($3.00/bag), and froze 18 pints(shelled peas). We ate a couple of pints. I think it was 1/4 lb seed purchased bulk at Shreve hardware for $2.40. I still have a 24 ft section of a later planting from that seed.

Now I need a miracle plant to sell at the market. No more fruit...all my blueberries are early ones and they are over. Tomatoes are not ready...nor cucumbers or squash. Sigh....
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  1. Cute picture! It reminds me of late chocolate lab. They are great dogs! -Jackie

  2. awww, koko. My dog has a similarly delated ball, he like to bright it in from outside, even though it's too big. Congratulations of selling produce at the farmer's market. That's a big accomplishment!

  3. Thanks, Jackie--and I agree--labs are great dogs if you have the space and time. I totally love them both.

    And...that basketball is one of two that reside around the yard. Totally their favorite outside toys. They chase and tease each other with them, and bother me with me and act just nutty over them.
    Thanks for the comments.

  4. Koko is so pretty. We just got a 6 week old chocolate lab, and he is so funny! I am working on training him.

  5. Labs are easy to train. Patience and a cage all their own is the key. Your puppy pictures are awesome.