Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The dogcam

It's the dogcam. The dogs have had their morning potty break but they are watching and waiting again. They are waiting on me to get the morning inside chores done and get to the outside chores.
They follow me around and lay somewhere close by with heads down and eyes watching up.

I wonder if they have a chore list? What would it be?

They are quiet, until I get my boots or outside shoes, or my sunhat. Those subtle things that dogs recognize as...we're going outside!, maybe.

I can only remember a few times that they have indicated the same desire to come inside. Driving rain and sub sub zero temperatures are about the only weather conditions that faze their fun outside.
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  2. This is Kiki's chore list:
    5:30am wake mom up by pawing obesessively at her face until she gets up and feeds me
    6:00am get mom out of bed and stalk her down the hall and paw at her feet until she feeds me
    6:30am I have eaten, and now I am tired from pawing at mom
    6:31 take a nap
    10:00 still sleeping
    11:30 watch birds out of the window
    12:00 hungry....need food....time to eat
    12:05 pooped from watching birds and eating...need to take nap
    5:15 mom should be home any minute
    5:20 mom is home so now I must go to the pantry door and paw at it until she gives me treats
    5:30 ate my treats now I must run around, play with mom and look cute so she will scratch my head later when I want her to
    7:00 dad is home. Must paw at the pantry door until he gives me treats, maybe mom wont see my trying to get treats from dad
    8:00 no treats from dad...mom saw me trying
    8:10 wrestle with dad and show him that I could kill him if I wanted too....he thinks he is bigger than me....ha!
    9:00 mom and dad are going to bed.....time for me get my bed time snack and go to sleep
    2:00 need to find mon and sleep on her all night so if she wakes up she won't forget to feed me.

    And this is her life, day in and day out.....LOL!

  3. Kiki has a good life, don't you think?
    Koko chewed holes in a new pair of jeans yesterday while I was doing barn chores. I think she was quite pleased about her statement to mom...don't leave me inside when you go outside!! She has a cage, and we use it when we actually go away..not always when just doing some errand outside.