Thursday, April 16, 2009

WARM and Sunny. Yeah.

I haven't even walked around yet. But this is what I want to do today.
1. Muck the weeds from the old blueberry patch, fertilize, add some more peat mulch and straw.
(I think I think I think my blueberry starts(cuttings from the old bush) have rooted. Yeah!!!!)
2. Move strawberry starts from the old patch to the new one, and mulch. Weed and mulch in the old patch
3. Finish manuring and mulching the potato patch.
4. If the big dirt isn't too wet by this afternoon, it's time to make the 2nd planting of all the good stuff..lettuce, radish, onions, kohlrabi, peas. Sigh.
5. Walk and run with the dogs.
6. Maybe run the lawn mower around a little bit.
7. Pick up trash.
8. Continue cutting brambles and rosebushes.
9.....and there is still the house stuff...clean off the deck, mulch the flower beds, wash windows.
10. It's a good day in the country.

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