Monday, April 13, 2009

Very nice Easter Sunday

We had fun in the country yesterday afternoon. We played with the dogs, anchored the black plastic on the unplanted part of the big dirt gardern, and burned off some of the tall grass, bramble, and alder infested edges. That's been our method of slowly enlarging the controlled part of out real estate over the years. Burn it, keep it mowed for a year or so, then replant to something desirable. We've finally taken the plunge and planted some tame black raspberries. Doing that has added to the importance of getting rid of the wild potentially virus infested brambles--at least those close by.

Biggest news...the leaf lettuce I seeded earlier is growing. I saw the first little leaves yesterday. They were too little too take a picture of, but I'm excited. It thought maybe the soil temperature was too cold too germinate anything. All my cabbage, broccoli, and lettuce plants are still alive and growing slowily--except for the one Grizzly stepped on. He has elephant feet.

It will be a while before we can plant tomatoes. Our little part of the world is located right on the border of two growing zones. Every map I've ever looked at puts our little X right on the border of April 15 and April 30 for the frost free date. However all the ancestral big dirt garderners in my family suggest strongly waiting for June 1. Maybe we can get by with a little earlier due to all the much talked about "climate change".

Koko's STAR PUPPY medallion and certificate arrived in the mail today. Yeah!!

Sorry no pics today.

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