Friday, April 24, 2009

Dogs and dogwoods

This area is one of the latest alterations to my landscape.  I love looking at the colored twigs in the winter and watching them come to life.  The dogs are liking the fact that it hasn't been cleaned yet.  Lots of critter smells to investigate.  I have yet to weed and mulch it this year--maybe this weekend.  I used minimal mulch last year and I am paying for it.  My shoestring budget does not allow much for the landscape--actually I think landscaping falls under the health category of my life.  It keeps me healthy and happy.  


  1. It's a very interesting thought - landscaping as a health category... It sure makes sense for me. After all that digging, lifting, pulling, pushing, bending, etc. I don't need much more work out. Well, plus yoga once a week - and I am done. Thank you Mlc!

  2. I agree with you. Gardening is good exercise for my physical AND mental health. Worth every penny I spend on it!