Monday, February 10, 2014

Back to a little basics

Mittens are fun, but like socks and boot toppers...two are required to make a pair.  Sigh.  I have to make one more of these, but I decided to do something that would require a little less attention though out.  I don't like to have multiple projects going, but I started some boot toppers that I thought would be a little more mindless and adaptable to doing while game playing. 
 I learned a new cast on.  The book I am using calls it a  cable cast on.  It's stretchy and stylish and I will probably use it for a while.  It is similar to the knit on cast on which I have been using for most things lately.  Instead of knitting though the last stitch, one knits between the last two stitches to create the loop for the next cast on.  I had no idea that describing and writing about knitting would be so difficult.  I have trouble mastering the perfection required to make suitable looking garments and accessories.  Describing and writing about knitting takes that perfection to a whole new level.  Kudos to knitting book editors and authors.

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