Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2012 WORD

My 2012 word is do.
Make and accomplish were in the running.
I ended up with do.
Do make things...like gardens, blogs, pictures, birdhouses, tops, cookies, pie, friends, plans, and hay.
Do accomplish things..like writing and reading everyday.  Like training the dog..running a mile, and paying bills.
Do stay healthy, do try to help others stay healthy and happy, and do keep the home fires burning. 
Do make your home a happy place that nourishes the soul of those who live there and those who come to visit.

Personally I tend to read about it , think about it, desire it...and end up never
"doing" it.

So the word in front of me this year will be


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A new look for a new year

Phew! That took awhile. Blogging was a great help in getting my gardening back on track...at least a little bit.

This year I would like to use it to get my housekeeping back on track. 

Like...keeping neat and organized and clean.. and not having scenes like this in the house.
This is supposed to be a desk with a clear workspace.  Unfortunately it is in the kitchen next to our
main entrance,  It is a trash mail collector and a everything of the counter collector.  In addition to jackets, gloves, and dog leashes.  Sigh.  Wish me luck.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Decisions we make today determine what we do tomorrow..

  What to keep and what to donate and what to throw away! Sigh.
       What to make for lunch and dinner.
            Which gourds to work with and what to make them into.

Should I spend an hour right now walking/running?  Should I take the camera? Which footwear should I wear in this blasted boggy year...with water...water..water...everywhere.

Up the hill, across the road, and down...?
   Down around the woods, across the bottom, and then up the Hill?

How should I package my beautiful Light Red Kidney Beans?  Should I package them at all?  Should we just store them  for ourselves?  Use them for seed?  Buy new seed? 

When and what to take to market next week?

   Will there be so much Kale...that everyone will be "Kaled Out".

Should I really bother with washing Kale for sale, or should I just make Creamy Kale Soup several times next week?

Yesterday all my decisions stressed me out...so

What did I do?

I read a book.
messed with gourds just a little.

The Book?
WhipLash by Catherine Coulter.

The one single thing I want to do is try out some of the custom settings on my camera.