Monday, April 2, 2012

To Market To Market We Go

My greens are not growing fast enough to suit me. 

They are very nice, but not big enough to market.

But I love it when a plan come together.

The plan was to try to have other things to market when garden produce was not producing.

This year I had a bountiful crop of gourds and most are dry.
Even though there was a LOT..many were not as thick-shelled as last years.


I try to complete 5 gourd projects a week..but it seems like lately...five gourd projects take more than a week.

Here are the week's five in various combinations.

These two have different rim finishing.
I would like leather..but these will be outside pots and may potentially get wet..
so plastic leather lacing will have to do.

I actually have three of these..all will hold a 6 in pot...two in dark brown..and one in a saddle tan/maroon mix stain.

This completes this weeks five plus my first attempt at needle-hitching an entire gourd.

The needle-hitching is not perfect...and the gourd was so thin shelled it should have gone to the waste bin...hopefully I will do a nicer one of these ...and embellish with turqoise stones.

It is still nice..and I after so much work...worth keeping...and will actually probably perform quite well as a planter on my deck.  One more picture of it...


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