Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Our flower planter log without the pretty flowers

There has been a picture of flower planter log making the rounds of the social networking sites.

It looks grand up there on the computer screen.

Unlike most of the people who think that is cool...I have an abundance of logs in my yard, all

With brambles and weeds around them!

So...I say to myself..this is an OPPORTUNITY.

I say to my know there is this thing that everybody wants...

and we could be the envy of the neighborhood.

Now...I love husbands...but they all really really want to be the envy of the neighborhood.

So...we are not yet the envy of the neighborhood..and probably never will be. is the beginning of our planter log...ready for mulch and flowers.

and rain..and nice warm weather.

It took some sawing..and there was lots of sawdust!

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