Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lettuce, Peas, and Onions on a Sunday Evening Stroll

Lettuce, peas, and onions in the garden.
What more do you need...besides some gourds to decorate...or not.
I took the goat and the dogs for a sunday evening stroll.. and
here's what we saw...
First we saw the week's five gourds in various combinations when we closed up the greenhouse for the evening.

These are the first of these gourds that I've worked on.

I thought I would some shakere simulations..but they are nice just as they are.
Don't know if other folks will think the same.
These had only one coat of leather stain, and some sanded off and faded but I kind of like the mottled look.

I like these pictures too...I think they would be fun to paint.

Five total were made...royal blue, green, orange, burgundy, and maroon.

After the greenhouse we walked to the field where the garden grows.

The pea patch came first.
But there are onions and lettuce there too.

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