Friday, June 12, 2009

June orphans

I had a plan.  They were going to a good home.  Last year, I said..."all plants will get a home as soon as possible. " 
But again this year... there are.... poor hapless orphans...
 Two geraniums, two Dusty Millers, two white impatiens, one Rosemary, one german Chamomile, one french thyme, two cherry tomato plants, one bushel gourd plant, one eggplant plant, two native trumpet vines, three Forsythia, and a couple of dill plants and some white Daisies  are becoming less than they could be with every passing day.  

They are sitting in the shade and some are hoping for sun.

Every day I walk by these plants and they will get a home.  The day goes by, and I think...I'm not going to get to them today.  I better water them.  

They cry...I'm hungry...but all they get is water.  Not even bread today.

The dogs are wondering about these poor things.  

Where will they go?  Will they have the will to survive neglect?  They are thinking that  plants should not be survivors.  They should be displayed in all their glory and planted and fed at the right time.  What is the master thinking?

The master always forgets "The Trouble with Tribbles" lesson.  Tribbles grow, and grow, and grow.

Even the dogs are wondering where they will go.


  1. I, too, have plants that long to get in the ground sooner rather than later. I have a terrible habit of buying plants on the spur of the moment, before I have their home prepared!

  2. I have those orphans, too, needing their homes...I'll get to it eventually!

  3. I had the same problem. Finally I ended up taking a day off from work to get through it all. -Jackie

  4. Dear Mlc, can you plant one plant a day? Or two? I am sure, you will plant more of them in one day when you start. As Napoleon said once, it's important to start a battle... Can you start this weekend, please?

  5. Tatyana..I'm getting to it. The eggplant is going in the ground in a few minutes.

    But Jackie..I have most days off, and they are still there.

    Islandgardener and greatstems...I'm glad you understand. !!

  6. I always germinate seeds more than needed... originally as spares just in case, some transplanted cant make it through... At the end, I feel guilty to see them dying for a proper home and nice BED!!!

    ~ bangchik

  7. Bangchik...At this point, I'm looking for a nice bed too. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who has orphans waiting.
    I'm running out of space, but I keep trying to squeeze one more thing in.
    Your market pictures are fantastic! Terrific looking veggies!
    Good luck with the orphans!

  9. Today is July 17th, and your post is from June 12--but can you believe that even at this time of year, I still have plants that I need to put in?! Some are shade plants for the back; others are sun-loving plants, for the front. I like to buy them when I can, but often don't have the time or energy to plant them right away! I still love the way they look all clumped together next to my garden! And I water them daily, as they dry out quicker with less soil to hold in the water. How are your plants today, a month later? Do you still have any in pots, waiting to go in?!