Thursday, May 14, 2009

Doggone and dogged

SL: Since Labradors(no quite as smooth as  BK: before kids) but I know it has become a timeframe of my life.

I have SL vocabulary now.  I will share two words with you today.

Doggone:  retains its dictionary definition of being a substitute for the GD exclamation we all know so well, but at the same time means the Dog is Gone!.  He was right there by your side, watching you weed, or carry water, or get wood.  He was being good  doing dog things in your presence but in this second ..he is gone.  He went to visit the neighbors in a flash, probably across the road.  You fear for his safety, you fear that he will be gone forever.  You immediately have to go get looking for him, you immediately have to get him, and most of all you fear for him.  Doggone!!

The opposite of doggone is dogged.
I am being dogged at this very moment.
The dictionary definition of dogged,  the adjective,  means determined.  However the term dog besides being the word for the canine animal we know and love is also a verb meaning to follow in a determined manner.  In this case my labradors follow me around the house in a determined expectant manner until I give up and we go for a dog walk.  They dog me when I blog in the morning.  They dog me in the kitchen after supper.  Sometimes it seems that I am just constantly dogged.   I think that is a good thing.


  1. Hey, it's almost as good as a 'dog carpet', when they all lie in front of the woodstove to dry off from a long walk in the bush. Nothing like doggie snores!

  2. Love this post! So true! Same thing happens to me. I'll be in the garden with Ellie and she'll be right next to me and then I turn my head for a split second and she's gone. I get so freaked out too when she does that. If I'm intensely gardening I have to hook her up otherwise I goes nuts - and she HATES being hooked up but it gives me peace of mind. -Jackie

  3. I got a little miffed the other day. I was out on an unusually long walk with the dog when I stopped to take some photos. Pookey normally comes by to see what the hold up is but this time she vanished. Fearing she fell in an old well or something I searched high and low for her until finally having to give up. I swear she was laughing at me when I got home and saw her on the deck. In all the years we've gone on walks this was the only time she went DogGone.

  4. Great post, thanks for stopping by and saying hello. Looking forward to spending some time visiting your blog.


  5. I'm 'Doggone' lucky to meet you ... thanks for stopping by and saying hello. You have a fun site :)

  6. Your dogs are so innocent looking. I have herding dogs and I am the herd. I'm lucky that I do not experience Doggone, but I am always dogged. My husband says they live up my butt. How can you not love them for there unflagging loyalty.