Sunday, May 17, 2009

The definition of "country" in Dogsandcountry

What is Dogs and Country? The dog part is easy. It is a blog that has lots of photos of dogs. Country? No..not country music, but country music embodies the spirit of the the thing.
When I started this blog..rural beauty and rural "realness" is what I wanted to capture. I wanted to capture the essence of "country living" through words and photos.'s photo is of country dogs playing in stream with wholehearted abandon, for the sheer joy of running. No thought of the consequences..they are just wholeheartedly loving being outside and in the woods running in the water..just loving the sensation of it. You might have to click on the picture so you can see them better..but they are clearly enjoying life.

Gollee--this must be Sunday sentiment.
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  1. My dog would LOVE it there!

  2. These are wonderful photos. I need to add more images of my dog rather then the kitty cats!
    Happy Garden time from my garden in the Midwest.