Thursday, May 7, 2009

Allium progression

Oh my gosh. It's going to be a progression I hope. I don't know if I can do this.
The difference between today and yesterday is that there is a few more "spikelets", petals? pushing out on the left.
Oh my gosh! Wish me luck. The dogs will probably knock it over and somebody will run a truck over it...or phew.. I don't want to think about all the disasters possible.
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  1. Your picture and flower are beautiful. I've always thought I'd like an Allium but never see them when I'm shopping. Usually they are lavender I thought but yours is such a deep rich color. LOL disasters - they are tall aren't they?

  2. COOL. I love seeing the progession!

  3. Your pictures of the alliums are so pretty. I sadly only have one left in the beds and it is in bloom now. I love your deeper purple than mine.

  4. I love allium but unfortunately so do the voles. So I gave up growing them and love to look at yours. Very nice!