Monday, April 27, 2009

Alfalfa and dog

This lovely field of alfalfa is the dogs playground, part of our livelihood, and was a very green, bushy and beautiful field this morning.
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  1. I almost bought some alfalfa for Skeeter (my bunny) the other day. I am glad I didn't because now they are saying it is contaminated with salmenella...geez. Is everything contaminated!!!

  2. What?! Is it a brand? We used to buy some little cubes for some bunnies we had. Salmonella? Really.... Gosh, it is hard to imagine the things that happen today. We don't put any chemicals on ours. But there are all kinds of ways to do things--a lot of our farmer friends put something on it to cure it better, some fertilize, some spray herbicide, etc. etc. We can't afford to fertilize--LOL. We rotate crops, and no till soybeans and corn on the other rotations. Ours goes to all local farmers as hay for their animals.