Friday, March 27, 2009

I am not a perfect dog owner.

You would think that dogs are wonderful.. Every single one of us, unless we're born into a normal family want one at least once in a lifetime. Do you know anyone who can resist a puppy?

Yep, and once we get a dog, most of us think it is the most beautiful loving thing in the world. I'm going to blog about some of the bad things about dogs.

1. They have hair and it comes out.

2. Puppies chew and chew and chew. Despite owners giving puppies chew toys, entertaining and educating them--most..sometime before their juvenile stage is over.. DESTROY something. My beautiful wild crazy chocolate lab did just that. She did it between 4:00 AM and 6:00 AM. She left our warm snuggly bed and wreaked havoc on my MY hiking shoes. I do not have another pair. I walk her in them. I play with her outside wearing them.

I have to earn a living which means I have to leave home. This week, because our college educated son was home, I did not cage her the entire time. I left instructions for him to watch her. The house as a result looks like a war zone. There is pieces of torn fluff all over the house and instead of gardening, I will have to spend some time CLEANING.

I am not a perfect dog owner. least she is not in an outside little square kennel with plastic on top and she is not on a chain. I am trying to educate her and myself.

Still I am not a perfect dog owner. She is not the best dog. We just do our best to be happy.

I am not a good blogger. I am only learning this. I hope I get better.

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