Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Garlic planting time

No... I am not Italian..but I do love to use fresh garlic in the kitchen.
Last year my fellow gardeners told me that garlic was really easy to grow.
So... I looked up some information and talked to friends and decided
to try some Italian soft neck garlic because I wanted the kind that you could use
to know those pictures of big bunches of braided garlic 
hanging in Italian kitchens.  Well...I wanted that.
So I ordered some heirloom bulbs last September and planted them in the potato patch..
after I cleared off the mulch and dug my potatoes.  
I don't remember how much I ordered, but  there were several bulb clusters and I separated them into individual cloves for planting.  I ended up with about 24 I think.  After planting them in one row about 12 in apart, and several inches deep...kind of like onion sets,  I sprinkled some fertilizer around and covered the whole bed up with straw mulch about a foot deep.
And...then didn't do a thing until I dug them up this summer...sometime
in July I think..the tops had started to die back.
Above you can see a close up shot of what I had left..after digging, drying, and using in the kitchen all summer long.  Each clove yielded about a dozen more!!
How easy is that?
Now it is time to start a tradition..and plant them again.  It is know.
I picked out the largest can see them here

They don't look so impressive in the picture...but they were all nice sized cloves.
I separated them and then decided I should plant some more .
Koko agreed.
After choosing some more bulbs...I ended up with about 112 cloves.
Will we have garlic next year? I certainly hope so...I really do want to try braiding some.
I planted them in the tomato was time to tear it up...see below.

Don't you agree?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Back Again

It's finally a beautiful sunny day.
I made it through a few grey.
Ventured out in the garden again today.
Picked some beans..
walked with the dog..
If only outside I could stay today.
I'd like to put in a box and put it away.
Not to be, not the best way..
The best way is to learn to enjoy what comes your way.
Love the clouds, love the rain, love your work, and keep moving...